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2020 Heart-A-Rama Important Dates

Please put dates on your calendar!

Jan. 2 Thursday Sweetheart Callers begin, Sweetheart Ticket and Advertising Letters Go Out
Feb. 6 Thursday Auditions Capitol Civic Centre Mertens/Kadow Room 7:00 PM
Feb. 16 Sunday Auditions Capitol Civic Centre Mertens/Kadow Room 1:00 PM
Feb. 21 Friday Sweetheart Names to Sweetheart Calling Chairman, Elaine Schroeder
Feb. 21 Friday All Program Material to BOTH Emily Knier and Malachia Dabeck
Feb. 25 Tuesday Chairman/Cast/Crew Ticket Sale and Poster Pick up for Distribution at Meadow Lanes North 6:00 PM
Feb. 25 Tuesday Tech Mtg. T. R. Community House 7:00 PM, Directors, Producers, and Tech Committee Chairs (Including Light, Sound, Music, Set Design/Building, Costume, Make-up, Props and Stage Crew)
March 2 Monday Rehearsal Schedules to Jim and James; they will check for conflicts and send to Steve at Meadow Lanes North
April 8 Wednesday Last Date forall costumes, props, set pieces delivered to Directors at Meadow Lanes
April 11 Saturday All Powerpoints and/or Slides for show to Jeff Rahmlow, Show Computer and Spot
April 17, 18 Fri. & Sat. Move In – T.R. Community House
April 18 Saturday Tech Cue to Cue Rehearsal9:00 A.M. – (each Director 15 min.)
April 19 Sunday Dress Rehearsal 1:00 PM
April 20 Monday Dress Rehearsal 7:00 PM

April 23, 24, 25, 30 May 1, 2 SHOWS

May 2,3 Sat. & Sun. Move Out of Community House – Strike, Pack, Clean and Move everything out. Help is needed by all!!
May 20 Wednesday All Chairmen/Director Wrap Up Meeting TR Community House 6:30 PM