Heart-A-Rama 2023 Success!

In 2023, Heart-A-Rama closed its 6-night run at the Hamilton Community House in Two Rivers, WI, with a big night, thanks to our audience and special guest.

After 51 seasons of home-spun humor, Heart-A-Rama was able to raise another $90,000 for the benefit of the American Heart Association of Wisconsin, and 7 non-profit organizations received automated electronic defibrillators (AEDs) paid for by Heart-A-Rama.

The last Saturday night performance of 2023 featured Wisconsin’s very own Charlie Berens as our Best Seat in The House Co-Auctioneer. It was a record-setting night when Heart-A-Rama collected almost $10,000, thanks to two bidders and a kind match from Berens. We are eternally grateful to all of our 2023 Best Seat in The House buyers and hope that they return in 2024.

We also want to sincerely thank each of our 2023 advertisers and partners because without them, we could not present our show each year. Advertising options include program, curtain, and wall hearts, and for 2024, Heart-A-Rama will also offer “partnership” options to help cover our productions costs.

Thank you to all who have supported and attended Heart-A-Rama over these many years. Your participation makes our event special to our volunteers because without you, we could not continue to get on the stage and act as silly as we do, while having the time of our lives!

You Gotta Have Heart!